We are a small family farm and homestead in the Cariboo Region of British Columbia. Situated on the western bank of the Fraser River, between Williams Lake and Quesnel, we enjoy an unusual growing season for this area and some lovely sandy loam for growing crops. We produce vegetables for the Williams Lake Farmers Market and are building infrastructure, crop plans and permaculture practices that we hope will sustain our family in a more holistic way as time goes on.
We bought our land in 2005 as trees and fields with no buildings and have used various alternative building styles to suit our budget as we developed this project. Our cabin is constructed of cob, balecob, cordwood and earthbag techniques. Using hand labour and a small amount of solar and wind power, we built this home over ten years, adding small outbuildings, an earthbag sauna, composted-heated shower and root cellar. We love trying new ideas that are sustainable and affordable and are often experimenting.

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