We are excited to meet new people who are energetic and interested in pursuing natural building, permaculture or homesteading. Folks who visit us will eat organic meals with our family and work along side us as we proceed through the season, which is May through October. We are always fiddling with something new, but just as often engaged in the kinds of meditative and repetitive labour that is the hallmark of agriculture. You should contact us if you are interested in our projects and you might find some of these kinds of endeavours are a worthwhile way to spend a summer, while getting dirty and learning some new skills.
In the garden: seed saving/composting/seeding/weeding/hoeing/harvesting/bunching/packaging and sometimes selling at the farmers market

We also engage in an ongoing discussion about the crop plan, the weather and the other influences on the garden. People who visit our farm have an opportunity to learn through doing and within the context of the dynamic weather, sometimes pests, market conditions and so on.

Infrastructure: earthbag, cob and cordwood construction/plastering/roofing/natural finishes/cob floors

We are planning some new infrastructure on Slow Train Farm, including an earthbag/cobwood cabin, a small propagation greenhouse, a cow milking shed and some post and rail fencing. There are ongoing projects we are working on as well, which involve living roofs and earthen plastering.

This doesn’t include all of the food preservation we do, such as krauting and making kimchi, salsa, pickles and so much more!

If you are interested in working with us, send us an email: dig_it@slowtrainfarm.ca!

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people who have come here from near and far, many of whom have probably gone un-photographed…

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